Engage Your Employees with a Fully Digital Gift Matching Program 

ReciprociT is the future of workplace giving. 

We’ve built the first end-to-end digital corporate gift matching program to help small and mid-size companies implement purpose-based CSR benefits to recruit and retain top talent. 

How ReciprociT’s Workplace Giving Platform Works

At ReciprociT, we make it easy for employers to offer a purpose-driven workplace giving program to engage their employees.

Step 1:

Employees search for and choose the non-profit they want to donate to each pay period.  

Step 2: 

ReciprociT automatically applies the company gift match, based on your company’s policy.


Step 3: 

ReciprociT sends Non-Profits their combined funds electronically twice per month.

Designed to engage your employees, without the administrative hassle

ReciprociT is the first digital platform to make corporate gift matching effortless so that SMEs can easily offer modern employee benefits.

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Keep employees longer

Companies that embrace employee-centric CSR initiatives like workplace giving see an average of 57% reduction in turnover. With ReciprociT, employees know that you care which in turn keeps them engaged so that they stay longer.

Attract the best talent

Over 75% of Millennial and Gen Z workers want modern benefits like gift matching and actually seek out companies that care about CSR when looking for a new job. ReciprociT makes it easier than ever to implement a digital workplace giving solution so that you can keep recruiting top talent.  

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Offer better benefits without extra HR headcount

We believe that complexity shouldn’t be a barrier to making a difference in the workplace. When building ReciprociT, we focused on making it simple because we know how busy HR professionals are and how lean HR teams are within the SME space. We also understood that small to medium-size companies, especially those with 500 to 5,000 employees, were struggling to implement and manage workplace giving which is precisely why we created ReciprociT.

Why employees love ReciprociT

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They have the power to choose
Employees are increasingly looking for purpose in their work and ReciprociT allows you to give your employees the power to choose the causes that they want to support.

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They can donate privately 
With ReciprociT’s commitment to confidentiality, employees feel safe supporting the causes they truly care about, which makes them feel more at home in the workplace.

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They get to support multiple causes they care about 
Employees can support up to three non-profits at a time, which means they get to support multiple causes that they believe in. 

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Charitable Giving

Why wait? Become an Early ReciprociT HERO 

We’re currently offering a special Early Onboarder HERO deal for a select number of clients with zero implementation fees and zero administrative fees until June 30th, 2023.