ReciprociT Named a Most Promising Accounting Startup

ReciprociT was recognized by Just Funded Media as a Most Promising Accounting Startup due to its innovation in the corporate gift matching space as well as the proven accounting services innovation and leadership by ReciprociT’s CEO & Founder – Stacie Allyn.

As the only corporate gift matching solution that’s designed specifically for small and medium sized companies, ReciprociT’s lightweight solution is integrated with major payroll processors which automates the recurring employee gift giving and employer matching.  

This groundbreaking new, easy-to-administer solution is giving mid-market businesses the power to compete with large enterprise employers in recruiting and retaining talent unlike ever before.   

In this historically tight labor market, modern employee benefit offerings have become critically important for employers, especially those with younger generation workforces, as rising talent typically prioritizes alignment in employer and personal values when deciding where to work.

Stacie Allyn, Founder and CEO of ReciprociT, said, “We are beyond humbled to help support mid-size companies so they can do more social good while engaging their employees and strengthening their internal cultures. ReciprociT is thrilled to be recognized as an emerging leader in this ever so important employee benefit and engagement space! Together we can and will make our communities and work environments better, one gift matching donation at a time.”

With over 25 years of CPA experience, Stacie Allyn has led both public and private accounting practices and has held leadership roles within the top 3 banks. With a variety of C-Suite roles throughout her career, including Partner, COO, and CFO, she’s gathered experience across a variety of disciplines including general accounting, Treasury Management, and mergers and acquisitions. Leveraging her extensive background and experience in the accounting services spaces, she set out to design a seamless, low-maintenance, simple to implement, and fast time-to-value SaaS platform, known as ReciprociT, that’s revolutionizing corporate gift matching. 

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