Purpose at Work and an Employee-Centric Employer

Did you know that around 70% of Americans establish their sense of purpose through their work? Particularly, millennials seek opportunities in their work that will allow them to pursue their bigger purpose. This suggests that what employees want in the workplace is not only the pay itself but also purpose-driven employment.

By setting up a purpose-driven workplace, you can make your employees stay involved and inspired while they fulfill their tasks and responsibilities. In this article, we’ll talk about what purpose at work means, how you can increase purpose and employee engagement, and how to promote a company culture that is beneficial for both your employees and the entire organization.

Why is Having Purpose at Work Important?

When we talk about purpose, we think of the things that matter the most in our lives. We consider our long-term goals and the impact we can create on other people’s lives and the world. Among Americans, 83% believe they have a purpose in their lives. 

While your sense of purpose and direction is personal for many, when these values extend into the workplace it connects you and your purpose on a deeper level. 

While monetary compensation is necessary to meet employees’ needs, they want to find value and purpose in what they do. When they feel empowered and consider their job meaningful, they become more satisfied with their work. As a result, they become more engaged, focused, and productive. They excel in their job and are more likely to take on leadership roles. Moreover, your organization will grow with the help of these dedicated employees. 

While it’s an individual’s responsibility to find their purpose, your company has to find ways to help them pursue or satisfy that purpose. Besides, a good company to work for is one that prioritizes the welfare and needs of its employees. 

70% of individuals find their purpose through work. This means that workers, especially millennials, enjoy doing all things with eagerness and passion. This makes work life an extension of personal life in many ways. 

It’s admirable to have people who want to surround themselves with individuals who can help contribute to the community and change lives. Most people have to work for economic purposes, but they have become more aware of what they want out of life, impacting where they choose to work. Having a purpose-driven culture at work will create an avenue to help people. 

By being specific about the things they want, employees know which workplace to choose, and you have to be aware of such needs to acquire the best talents in your company.

Achieving a Sense of Purpose at Work

 If you want to create a great company culture, help your employees feel that sense of purpose by doing the following:

Allow Employees To Realize the Impact of Their Work

Regardless of the employee’s title, they are contributing to their company’s vision for a reason. It’s important to remind them of the significance of their job and its purpose. For example, if they’re on the frontline serving people, let them realize how they’re making a difference and changing lives.

They may see their job as something routine, but they may be doing something like helping small businesses grow and flourish. By reminding them of their job’s purpose, they’ll be more motivated to perform well and help more people.

Your employees might also want to create an impact outside of work. This includes donating to non-profit organizations. Ensure great company culture by helping them donate directly to these non-profits. ReciprociT allows automated gift processing through payroll deduction. Whether the cause they want to support is local or has personal meaning to them, they have the liberty to select the non-profits that they want.

ReciprociT will help simplify IRS Compliance needs with itemized reporting. Nonprofits get the funding quickly, you’re confident that your program runs smoothly, and your employees feel that they’re making a difference one step at a time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Acknowledge Great Work

Among employees, 37% identify recognition as the most important form of support. To help your employees find their purpose at work, give them the recognition they deserve, especially when they’ve done a great job on a specific task or project. Emphasize how their output has helped you gain more clients.

If a client or customer is impressed with their work, share the news and feedback with them. Announce it to the whole team, so your employee won’t just feel proud but also know that they’re on the right path. Whether it’s a large- or small-scale accomplishment, you should reward and recognize your employees.

Apart from recognizing good work, you should also acknowledge what they want and need. For example, if they want to support various causes, give them an avenue to donate to their nonprofits of choice. ReciprociT makes it easier for employees to extend their generosity with payroll deduction and efficient reporting.

Understand Your Employees’ Strengths and Weaknesses

You can start creating a purpose-driven culture in your company by identifying your employees’ strengths and weaknesses through employee surveys, meetings, and other means. This will also make it easier to give them roles and responsibilities that can improve their strengths and weaknesses. 

Employees become happier when they do things that align with their passions and quirks. Better outcomes are also expected as employees would naturally stand out in their tasks.

Engage in Hard Conversations

Finding purpose at work can start with those hard conversations. You ask yourself whether you have a clear vision in your work and your life. Afterward, you can commit to matching your daily life with your purpose. Engaging in hard conversations with your employees can be challenging as this might lead to unfavorable outcomes on the part of the organization, like letting them realize that their current job isn’t suitable for them.

However, it’s better to communicate and collaborate with your employees well as they transition to another role or job than having them work passively and not maximize their potential. By having these hard conversations, your employees will feel your genuine care for them and their growth. Moreover, promoting engagement and honesty will motivate your employees to become more proactive and intentional within the company.

Offer Personalized Guidance and Feedback

If you want to give more effective and impactful feedback to your employees, make it as personalized as possible. Understand what matters to each employee, and then incorporate those things in your comments or recommendations.

Gather information from different people, including managers and peers, to offer richer and more genuine feedback. At the same time, listen to your employees’ needs too. Be open to suggestions. Workers who feel heard are more likely to give their best at work.

In terms of your corporate giving program, you can also make it more personalized by leaving the nonprofit choice to your employees. Each of them will have different causes that they prefer to support, so let them choose the one that will make them feel a real sense of purpose. From automated gift processing to reporting, ReciprociT has the necessary resources to help you guide your employees better in their donations.

Give Employees Freedom

Every company has a different mission statement and culture. However, granting employees autonomy allows them to find their purpose at work. Such freedom allows them to maximize their strengths and interests. In addition, they’ll feel valued both as individuals and members of the organization, letting them find more ways to help the company while doing the things that they love and value.

For example, if they want to donate to certain causes, give them the right amount of support. At ReciprociT, your employees are free to pick up to three organizations that they want to donate to. Then, they can donate directly to these chosen causes with each payroll automatic payroll deduction to directly donate to the nonprofits they selected. With the employees driving donation decisions, you’re giving them autonomy over things that they want to pursue and make the process easier for them and your organization. Furthermore, there is no set minimum donation. 

We also have volunteer tracking, allowing your employees to join the program and give support to non-profits, whether it’s through donations or volunteer service.

Promote Continued Learning

Establishing a purpose-driven workplace includes facilitating continued learning. Let your employees grow with the organization. This includes offering various training programs, coaching and mentoring, collaborating with other co-workers, and promoting self-directed learning. 

Be Transparent With the Company’s Direction

Another way to build a positive company culture and help people find their purpose at work is to be transparent with where your organization is heading. Specify each team’s contribution to your goal. Show everyone how crucial their role is in achieving such goals. By going beyond the employees’ KPIs and being open about the company’s status and direction, you can enhance purpose and employee engagement.

Set a Good Example

Creating a purpose-driven workplace means setting your company as a great example to your employees. This means creating an authentic organizational purpose. Establish your set of values and practice them with integrity. Employees will be able to tell if all the company cares about is making profits. Thus, show that you care about the community too. At ReciprociT, we live our values. That is why we also make sure 10% of our proceeds will go to various social impact partners.

Being a good role model to your employees also means supporting their causes while respecting their privacy. ReciprociT makes it easier for you to support confidential 501(c)(3) choices. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed in terms of the charities that they wish to support.

Find Your Purpose at Work

 Finding your purpose at work is what keeps you engaged and motivated to fulfill your responsibilities. Purpose-driven employment also makes you feel empowered and satisfied with your work. To help your employees feel a real purpose at work, understand their strengths and weaknesses, allow autonomy, recognize great work, facilitate continued learning, and be a good example. 

Make your corporate giving program more effective with a credible platform like ReciprociT. By providing freedom for employees to choose charities, maintaining confidentiality, and allowing automated processing, we have the right solution that can help your employees make a difference without difficulty.