Your Questions Answered

To help our Non-Profit partners, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions so that you can become more familiar with how ReciprociT is the Future of Giving. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Our Non-Profit Partners

ReciprociT is a revolutionary, first of its kind, Workplace Giving Program employer benefit offering, that is opening up the flood gates so more donations flow faster to the non-profit sector.

Not only is our digitized, near touchless platform fast and easy, it costs a non-profit only a few cents per dollar, not 20%, 40% or even more, as you may be accustomed to paying for fundraising.

ReciprociT was created for one purpose: to re-ignite and modernize Employer Gift Matching programs so that barriers to entry for the non-profits and the benefit host companies are removed. 

Two primary barriers to entry for both sectors are 1) excessive cost, including setup and ongoing 2) administrative burden: technology has largely been left out of gift matching program plans, until now. 

ReciprociT fixes all of this and supports an affordable experience for not only you, the non-profit, but for the Employer Company as well.

ReciprociT makes supporting non-profits fun, easy, engaging and low cost for all. Now, that sounds like a gift matching program experience that aligns with the core purpose of this Corporate Social Responsibility platform!

For you the non-profit, there is ZERO cost to become a member and thereby deem your organization eligible to receive gift matching program donations.  The entire process will take approximately 15 minutes and your non-profit will then be visible on our platform for donors to choose.  It’s that simple!

Every non-profit member has secure access to their own portal within the ReciprociT platform, whereby your organization’s donation activity is confidentially recorded, tracked and stored.  We’ve built a highly efficient reporting feature as well, where you can easily export data, then import to your program of choice. This will eliminate any potential reporting burden relative to the IRS annual donor statements.

ReciprociT believes in “inclusivity” not “exclusivity” when it comes to an Employer’s list of non-profits which an employee can choose to donate to – then the Employer matches that donation. Many Company plans in existence today are largely exclusive, meaning there are more non-profits not listed as as a choice, than there are those listed as available to choose. This is just wrong!  

ReciprociT is fixing this and working with Employers, sharing knowledge and creating awareness in the gift matching space, specifically, those Employers that embrace the concept of inclusivity. Gift Matching Programs are not intended to be mega-marketing tools for the Employer. They are to be a true employee benefit where the employee chooses what IRS approved 501(c)(3) (they can choose to donate to up to three at a time through their payroll deduction) and the Employer supports and respects the employee’s choice.

ReciprociT provides a state of the art, digital end to end solution, where we do all the work, and you enjoy the benefit of the reoccurring donation stream. 

Once an employee has chosen your organization, they are then set up for a recurring donation every single pay period for the entire calendar year. They may choose to donate to, up to three non-profits at a time, and have the ability to modify their choice of non-profits during the benefit year using the employee app “GenerociT.”

All donations received by ReciprociT are paid out to their designated non-profit beneficiaries two times a month, and are ACH deposited directly into your bank account.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!  All the while, you can access your secure donation activity portal on ReciprociT, and view the transaction activity and the balances that are accumulating for payout.

Become a ReciprociT Non-Profit partner and start collecting more for good

If you’re an IRS approved 501(c)(3), we encourage you to join ReciprociT so that employees can search for and choose your cause during their workplace giving experience.