Global HR Tech VC Investment is Outperforming the Market

Human Resource Executive recently published that Global HR tech VC investment does not seem to be slowing down, despite ongoing talk of a possible recession. 

The insights come from new data published by WorkTech, which reported that global HR technology VC investment outperformed the rest of the market through the first half of 2022. The first half of 2022 puts the year on track to meet or exceed the $17.9 billion record set in 2021. The first half of this year already saw the second-largest global work tech investment, surging to $9.4 billion. With $4.6 billion invested in Q2 alone, it was the fourth-largest quarter on record. 

While there are a number of contributing factors to the strong VC investment in HR tech, it’s largely being driven by demand to attract and retain employees.

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