The New Way for Non-Profits to Collect More Corporate Donations 

ReciprociT is the future of workplace giving. 

We’ve built the first end-to-end digital corporate gift matching program that’s connecting non-profits with employers and employees who want to give to their cause.

How ReciprociT’s Workplace Giving Platform Works

At ReciprociT, we make it easy for non-profits to increase funding for their organization’s mission.

Step 1:

Employees search for and choose the non-profit they want to donate to each pay period.  

Step 2: 

ReciprociT automatically applies the company gift match, based on the company’s policy.


Step 3: 

ReciprociT sends Non-Profits their combined funds electronically twice per month.

Designed to Help Non-Profits Collect More Corporate Donations

ReciprociT is the first digital platform to make corporate gift matching effortless so that non-profits can easily collect and manage more funding for their core mission.

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Get a birds eye view of your corporate workplace giving donations

On your ReciprociT dashboard, you can quickly access important information, insights, and reporting. You can also easily monitor your donations and number of supporters, or swiftly jump to the reports sections to dive into the details.

Monitor your incoming funds

With ReciprociT, we give you access to pre-built reporting to streamline how you manage your incoming donations. The Financial Transaction Report provides a breakdown of the ACH transactions from each employer’s account, per pay period, based on specific date ranges. You can also use our Give and Receive Report to see an itemized breakdown of all employee and company match contributions within a given time period. 


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Maintain complete control at your fingertips

ReciprociT gives you the ability to fully manage your non-profit account. Each user can easily update or change their user credentials while admins can quickly add other users or administrators. We also give you complete control of your donor data with the ability to easily export this information so you can quickly import it into your system of choice.   


ReciprociT is giving Non-Profits access to more funding without the expensive fundraising cost


Free membership
Membership is always FREE for our non-profit partners. We’ll never charge you an annual fee or implementation fee because we believe in helping you do more good. 


A digital solution for an outdated process  
Our digital gift matching platform seamlessly collects the employee donation and company match then directly deposits the funds into your bank account semi-monthly, saving everyone time and energy. 


Streamlined reporting and information sharing
You’ll receive access to our secure portal which contains all reports necessary to support tax requirements, stakeholder and board communication, and external reputation management. 

Become a ReciprociT Non-Profit partner and start collecting more for good

If you’re an IRS approved 501(c)(3), we encourage you to join ReciprociT so that employees can search for and choose your cause during their workplace giving experience.