Charitable Giving Hits Near Record High in 2021

Giving USA Foundation‘s Annual Report showed charitable giving at a near-record high in 2021. $485 billion was donated to U.S. charities – a 4% increase from 2020.

Let’s make that number even higher in 2022 with ReciprociT. Whether you’re a non-profit, employer or employee, ReciprociT wants to help you make a difference.

ReciprociT and Charitable Giving

ReciprociT is the 1st fully digitized gift matching platform for the modern workforce. 

With ReciprociT, employees drive donation decisions, and employers match their donations automatically through payroll deduction. We’ve made it a priority to make our platform streamlined, simple, and easy to understand! 

Complexity shouldn’t be a barrier to generosity and making a difference.

Charitable Giving