ReciprociT‘s Mission

We believe in a world where passionate and gifted non-profit and company leaders and their employees give of themselves to make our world and communities stronger and better. 

We are here to help create that world.  

With ReciprociT, employees get the benefit to donate directly to non-profits of their choice, and employers match their donations automatically through payroll deduction.  We take care of all of the accounting and administrative hassle!

ReciprociT‘s Beginnings

ReciprociT is dedicated to Stacie Allyn’s late mother, Carol Zimmerman, whose strength and passion taught Stacie to support, promote, and respect the non-profit world where love and healing are nurtured and shared every day.


Our Values


We believe in inclusivity.
We have built ReciprociT with inclusivity at the core. With ReciprociT, employees drive donation decisions, rather than participating in donation matching for executive management’s pet issue. Every employee supports causes that matter to them – maybe they are local, maybe they have intrinsic personal value, and for any other reason.


We believe in sharing.
We help companies set up and run workplace gift matching benefit programs to support and match the generosity of their employees who make a difference. We, ourselves, give 10% of our net income each year to social impact partners and causes.


We believe in bold, engaging simplicity.
Gift-matching programs remain underutilized in far too many places, and that is often because of clunky and complicated practices that create too much work for the employer and employee. So we made it a priority to make our platform streamlined, simple, and easy to understand! Complexity shouldn’t be a barrier to generosity and making a difference.

We believe in kindness.
And the unlimited possibilities a kind world fuels. Together we can make America kinder!
We believe in continuous learning.
Learning, tweaking, flexibility, and adaptability make our organization and our people successful. We are learning experts.

Our Leadership Team




Chief Marketing

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The World We Envision

Our Nonprofit Community is thriving from the ReciprociT Revolution because they are seen and because the billions of existing matching gift dollars are finally being put into action and sent where the individual donor wants them to go, not where corporate executives choose! Non-profits can focus on their mission delivery more and on costly, time-consuming fundraising less.

Our Employer Community is benefiting from happier, more engaged employees, who have company pride and trust and act as company ambassadors, less costly turnover, and both a hiring and customer acquisition edge compared to their competition. Their brand is more appealing – it is fortified.

Our Employee Community is feeling proud, empowered, and trusted to make the world a better place through their generous spirit. They are grateful to be working for a company who supports their values with flexibility and trust.


Come Work With Us!

At ReciprociT, you can make a difference for communities and the planet every day! Join our culture-centric organization where you’ll live your passion. Here, you are empowered to innovate and surrounded by mission-driven people.