A Letter from Stacie Allyn, Founder and CEO of ReciprociT

A Behind the Scenes Viewpoint…

I got three hours of sleep last night, tops. Not because I wasn’t lying in bed for longer than that, but because I couldn’t shut off my mind. It’s so important for founders to assess potential risks every day – then find a way to deal with it and manage it.

When it comes to equity raising, I must say, we’ve done well, but it has been anything other than simple. We’re so close and we’re almost there. I can nearly see the actual point where we will recognize top line revenue!  We’ve also hired our first two employees which is a monumental step in our journey at ReciprociT, and every founder’s journey when they’re building something from the ground up. 

I wanted to take a moment and share my day in the life of a founder viewpoint with our ReciprociT community. I’m sharing these thoughts in hopes that they might translate into encouragement for other like-minded, tenacious founders. I encourage you not to give up, focus on persevering, believe deeply, and love what you are doing. As it is the passion and commitment that we, as founders, possess which will turn our long days and nights and countless hours of hard work into fruition.

While this certainly won’t be my last sleepless night, I’m so proud of ReciprociT. We’re creating a new and affordable funding stream for all 501c3 non-profits in the US, and at same time creating an innovative new way to approach workplace giving that respects the values of our modern workforce. At ReciprociT, we truly believe that flexibility and shared values equals a modern culture!

If you’re motivated by doing more good, I invite you to join us as we build better home and work communities through giving.

– Stacie Allyn

If you’re ready to join the ReciprociT revolution, let’s talk. 

Stacie Allyn